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A photographer’s delight, Fountains Abbey is one of the best-preserved ruins in England.  A former Cistercian monastery, it was the second Cistercian house in the North after Rievaulx. Six separate springs watered the site, giving rise to the name of ‘Fountains’. It was one of the wealthiest monasteries in the country until its dissolution in 1539. This soft blue echoes the peaceful situation of these stunning ruins, as it sits beside the gently flowing water of the River Skell.

This beautiful worsted spun high end Border Leicester yarn is grown here on our farm in North Yorkshire, from our pedigree flock of over 300 pedigree Border Leicester sheep, who all live to grow old.

After shearing we handpick the fleeces and transport them to Bradford for washing, combing and worsted spinning. The result is stunning.  With a great handle, stitch definition and drape, it is the perfect yarn for your special project. British through and through and we are very proud of it!

*Pure 100% British Wool
*Slaughter free yarn from a single flock
*Rare breed Doulton Border Leicesters.
*All with Full Provenance
*Worsted spun
*Made in Yorkshire
*Each 100g skein is 200 metres in length
*Bouncy, versatile yarn which gives great stitch definition.
*Handwash and dry flat.

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