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Doulton Border Leicester Yarn Blog

Doulton Rare Breed Border Leicester yarn,fleeces and shows news

Something exciting is happening ! Watch this space!

Something exciting is happening on the 1st April!

This will be our 3rd full year of producing our wonderful unique,single farm, slaughter free, rare breed, British Border Leicester yarn.  All, our yarn is from our flock and has Full Provenence.

We have learned a lot as we have gone on our journey. We have done some things right and we have made a few mistakes along the way, which we quickly rectified. I think that our yarn is absolutely wonderful and our customers also appear to think that too. We don't have a bricks and mortar shop but sell on line and things are going pretty well for us at the moment due to all the work we do in the background.

We have expanded our range of colours from the original four to our present range of 20 in DK and 4ply. Our Aran range now has 8 stunning colours in it.

We have expanded our product range to now include knitting kits, patterns, tops, mini skeins and are constantly looking to what else can bring value to our brand.

On 1st April we will be launching something special which I hope everyone of you will love. A lot of our customers have mentioned this over the last year and who are we not to give them what they want?

Watch this space.

Two new Spring Colours arriving soon


Two New spring colours arriving very soon

I am pleased to be able to let you know that we will be launching 2 brand new Spring  colours on the 1st April. One of the colours is absolutely stunning, bright, bouncy and very on trend for this coming year.


Fibres off to the scourers

Yesterday we took all our fibre, all 900 kgs of it, over to Howarths in Bradford to be scoured, combed and carded. That is happening today. Once it is has gone through the processes, it will be sent over to Laxtons to be spun into our wonderful worsted spun yarn. We probably wont get this back until January, when we will get the yarn dyed into our wonderful existing colours and some new Spring colours.

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