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What a strange old year last year!

We had a terrible winter in 2017, cold and wet ,which left us with no grass to winter the sheep on.It didn't improve much over the spring which was so late. The ground was like the grave, cold and damp and again, not good for grass growing. we couldn't turn the lambs out because of the weather and our fodder went so quickly. We were looking for hay in April and were paying a premium for it.

Suddenly we had a heatwave and the grass grew. Then we had no rain and what grass we had disappeared never to return properly, which caused major problems with the crops. We waited for the chance of a second crop but things were bad.

Sheep sales were terrible as people had no keep for either sheep or cattle and a lot went for slaughter. Prices for hard feed went up and have kept going up. Cost of feeding our flock was horrendous, but you cant just give up. Sheep have to be fed to produce good fleeces and we have kept them going well.

I really hope that this next year is not going to be as bad as last.

Written by : Ellie

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