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Wonderwool 2019

This year was the first year we attended Wonderwool Wales. We had heard so many good things about it but always seemed to be still lambing at the time it was on. This year we chaged the dates the rams went in and kept our fingers crossed. We got in! We were so excited.

Packing for the show was very fraught as we didn't know what to take, how much to take and eventually took lots of everything. I remembered to book a B& B, which was so beautiful ,  set in 6000 acres. Stunning describes it best.

The drive down took us 6 hours as the weather was really bad. Rain, wind, storms, you name it, we got it! The organisation at the show was really good with lots of helpers to point out directions for us. The stall was brilliant and it only took half the time to set up the stand that it normally takes.

The next morning we arrived bright and early to finish putting out the yarn, patterns, pattern book and all other yarnie trhings.

Then came the crowds. There seemed to be thousands of visitors streaming in, all complaining about the weather and how cold it was. it certainly was. We had all the spare jumpers, hast, mitts and scarvers piled on. Business was brisk and we didnt really have time to have a look around at the other stands. At the end of the day we drove back to the B & B and slept so well.

Sunday was a lovely day. The sun was out and the visitors came. Maybe not quite as many as on Saturday, but still a lot. We worked really hard both days to get our message about our slaughter free  Border Leicester yarn and our products out and I think we managed it. Finally at the end of the day we packed up and drove home. This time we managed it in 5 hours thankfully.

We really enjoyed rhe show and hope we will be lucky enough to get it again next year!






Written by : Ellie

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