Background/Who we are

The Doulton Flock was established in 1997 with the purchase of 2 pure pedigree Border Leicester ewe lambs from Lanark Market. We are based in Nunthorpe, North Yorkshire and currently are the largest flock of pedigree Border Leicesters in The UK. Border Leicesters are now classed as rare breed sheep and are on the RBST list.

Our Products

Our premium 100% pure British yarn is scoured, carded and combed, before being worsted spun, dyed and balled locally in Yorkshire, England Our Border Leicester yarn is not blended with any other wool.

Doulton Border Leicester yarn is made from the fleeces of sheep that live to grow old.

These rare breed  British sheep produce beautiful fleeces with a long staple length and distinct crimp. This fibre spins to a wonderfully lofty yarn with a lovely natural spring and bounce to it. The handle of the yarn makes it a joy to work with for quick and easy projects and intricate colour work alike: it slips smoothly on and off the needles without losing the strength needed for structured garments.

It is available in DK, 4ply and Aran weight yarns, which drape and dye so well. Our colours and names are inspired by the countryside around us, by the moors and hills and lakes around us in North Yorkshire.

We currently have 15 beautiful vibrant colours and 1 natural colour in the DK and 4 ply. These colours range from  beautiful muted colours to beautiful bright vibrant colours.

We are often complimented on our range of colours from customers at Wool Festivals

In the Aran we have 7 wonderful colours. The colours run from very muted colours through to bright jewel  briliiance.

We also stock a range of combed and carded Tops, which are perfect for the spinner, knitting kits, greasy fleece and a large range of mini skeins, based on the countryside and coast around us, here in North Yorkshire.

Where to find us

We are an online seller and we provide a very fast, professional service, with most orders going out within 48 hours.

You will  see us at many of the Wool Shows and Yarn Events throughout the year, in various parts of the UK. You can check our Shows page for upcoming events we will be at. We promote the shows and events on our Blog page nearer the time of the shows.

We also have Stockists of our Doulton Border Leicester branded yarns throughout the UK and are about to add several more in the USA.




























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